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Анна Георгиева
Blagoy Georgiev
adiba ah
Hristo  Baykov
Kisi Kosi
eoso sosp
new model
Ranjit Shah
Zdr Boy
new model
sezal s
adiba ah
Наско Лазаров
Anna-Maria  Cherneva
Вероника  Никифорова
Ирена Цанкова
Александра  Янева
Радиана  Миленкова


Djuliana Gani

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Hello friends, my name is Veronika Nikiforova and I am 26 years old.I'm doing a law degree, in my spare time I do advertising, travel and I really lov..
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She was born on September 18 in the capital Sofia.Since she was 5 years old, she started doing performing arts. She started her appearances in the bes..
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